Digitude understands the business strategy and the supporting IT solutions. We are also involved in business planning, business needs analysis and assessment of risks.

Digitude is responsible for the implementation of IT solutions in enterprises. We provide advice and guidance to support business processes by using IT effectively.
Organization: RIZIV
 Design an Identity and Access Management Platform.
Challenge: Integrate with eHealth and KSZ identity providers. 
Solution: Provide infrastructure based on Microsoft UAG, FIM and ADFS.
Organization: Total
 Implement integration component for integration between ASP.NET and SAP.
Challenge: Integration required in challenging timeframe. 
Solution: Use SAP Connection Manager to build .NET wrapper.
Organization: Galapagos N.V.
 Migrate SharePoint 2007 environment to SharePoint 2010 . 
Challenge: Include custom workflows into migration process and provide versioning. 
Solution: Design and implement migration track.
Organization: Fedict
 Design a high available SSO Portal proof of concept.
Challenge: Integrate with FAS (Fedict Authentication Services). 
Solution: Provide infrastructure based on Microsoft UAG, ADFS and custom ASP.NET portal.
Organization: Inbev
Business Case: Centralize business logic and calculations.
Challenge: Eliminate spreadsheets sent around via mail.
Solution: Implement web-based Excel functionality.